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Announcing the UCLA GenoSeq Core & Fluidigm Single-Cell Gene Expression Grant

The UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center and the UCLA GenoSeq Core have partnered to make automated single-cell isolation available on the UCLA campus. The Fluidigm C1 Single Cell AutoPrep System makes it possible to rapidly isolate and prepare individual cells for a host of single-cell genomics applications.

In order to introduce this technology to the UCLA research community, we will award support for one qPCR project, and one mRNA seq project.

All applicants will receive 15% off IFCs for their first order, regardless of whether their proposal is selected.

Single Cell Expression qPCR awardees will receive the following:

  • 4 x C1 single-cell IFCs (96)
  • Delta gene assays (48 or 96)
  • Dynamic array expression IFCs
  • Fluidigm supporting reagents

Single Cell Expression mRNA seq awardees will receive the following:

  • 4x C1 single-cell IFCs (96)
  • Dynamic array expression IFCs
  • Fluidigm supporting reagents (48 or 96)

Application requirements:

  • Abstract
  • Question
  • Experimental Design
  • Page Limit: one page (all sections combined)
  • Application Deadline: October 6, 2015


  • Applicants must be affiliated with the University of California.
  • The projects must be carried out on the UCLA GenoSeq Core C1 instrument.
  • Applicants must be new adopters of C1 single cell technology. Existing projects or existing customers are not eligible for award.

Proposals will be reviewed and selected for award by a panel of reviewers including UCLA scientists and Fluidigm Field Application Specialists. The single-page proposals will be chosen based on scientific merit, creativity, feasibility, and potential impact in their respective fields.

Additional costs


  • MiSeq v3 150 cycle kits
  • Nextera XT library kits
  • Nextera XT 384 indexing kit


  • SMARTer Ultra Low RNA kit

Send submissions to:

    Uma Dandekar
    GenoSeq Core Assistant Director
    Phone: 310-267-2461

Award will be announced 10/12/2015
Earliest start date: 10/21/2015

For additional information about C1 protocols:

For additional information about the GenoSeq Core:

New low prices! Contact us for details.

GenoSeq Core Location on the third floor of the Center for the Health Sciences

New! Sample Pick-Up Service

To ease the transition to our new location for our loyal users, we will be launching a sample pick-up service. We will pick up your samples anywhere on the UCLA campus. Our daily pick-up will be between noon and 1PM. To arrange for pick-up, log your samples using your WebSeq account and choosing R2R or Full Service Signup. In the comments field, record the pickup room, building, and location of your samples within the lab. Print the barcode from the signup webpage, and display it with your samples. We will provide you with a sample drop box for future pick-up requests.