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Microsatellite Genotyping Services

The Core provides support to scientists in their genotyping projects in every aspect of research, from planning, DNA extraction, genotyping, data interpretation, through to statistical analysis. Genotyping at the Core is highly automated in order to produce data quickly, accurately, and as inexpensively as possible. The genotyping unit is equipped with one ABI 3730 capillary sequencers capable of generating over 10,000 genotypes per instrument per day. This instrument is fully automated, and are run 24 hours a day, seven days a week when high throughput is required. Liquid handling is performed using robotic systems. The Core has three research associates on staff who perform all experiments and data interpretation for the investigator.

Before you bring samples to the Core for genotyping, you must meet with Core personnel to set up your project. See: Genotyping Customer Info for information on for starting a genotyping project at the Core.

Several genotyping options are available. You can request a full genome screen, with a set of markers spaced more or less equally along all the chromosomes in the genome. The Core has two standard sets available - the ABI PRISMĀ® Linkage Mapping Set MD10 (medium density, 10 cM resolution) and Linkage Mapping Set HD5 (high density, 5 cM resolution). Or you can submit your own markers for the Core to run. For information on selecting and locating markers and maps, visit the Marshfield Medical Research Foundation website.

All genotype data generated at the Core are stored in a relational database, and undergo a rigorous Quality Control Process. The data are released to the researcher as standard Linkage format files, ready for import into statistical analysis packages. The Core also maintains ties with a network of bioinformatics and statistics specialists, and can put researchers in touch with experts for consultation or collaboration.

View a list of projects run at the UCLA Core

Contact Info

The GenoSeq Core is located in the Center for Health Science, on the UCLA campus.

36-125 CHS
UCLA Center for Health Sciences Building
UCLA Campus Map
Open 9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri, excluding university holidays

For more information about genotyping at the Core call 310-267-2461 or contact:

Uma Dandekar, GenoSeq Core Assistant Director
Phone: 310-267-2461
Fax: 310-794-5446
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